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"In Harmony Toastgiving Dinner Event!" Hosted by The Toast Coffeehouse and Harmony Cafe Community Thanksgiving Dinner with Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes & Vegetarian Dishes. Live Music by Nick Russell! This event is going to be a "Free Event" for those in need and frontline workers. All convid19 safety rules and social distancing will be strictly followed! If the NY State rules change, we may have outside dining, or if we can't host the event, food will be given out curbside. This year has been hard for all of us. However, some are grieving the loss of love ones -lose their jobs-struggling to keep food on the table and the lights on. Parent's are struggling with daycare issues and homeschooling. Frontline workers are working long hours to keep us safe and healthy. The list goes on and on. We wanted to give people a break and to let them know, We Care! If you know of individuals or family that needs a night out and are struggling at this time, please forward us their name and email to us. You can also make reservations on this site. If you are struggling or your family, please make a reservation and join us! Frontline workers too! We want to thank you and let you know, We Care! This is our way of saying, We are in this Together, You have a Community that is offering a helping hand! We are Here for YOU! MAKE RESERVATION FROM LINK BELOW:

If you would like to help us, please email @ Our website at .
Harmony Cafe is a nonprofit organization operated by all volunteers. Thank you for your kindness!


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